You see them. Those women you secretly (or not so secretly) follow on Facebook or Instagram who
claim that their lives are a mess and #thestruggleisreal, yet, even within those posts and the photos they
include with them, they STILL appear to be looking perfect.

Their “morning hair” still looks flawless, their
“makeup free” selfies still look like they’ve been airbrushed by a professional, and their “messy” houses
contain maybe one or two of their children’s toys on the floor.

They look like they’re doing anything BUT struggling, and it makes you wonder why YOU can’t look like that too. You wonder what the hell is
wrong with YOU when these women on social media who are supposedly being “raw,” and “real,” can
seem to be doing so much more than you on a daily basis yet still look like they have their crap together.
You wonder why your hair can’t look like you just stepped out of the salon first thing in the morning.
Why your skin can’t look flawless and blemish-free instead of being covered in pimples, dry skin, or
wrinkles. Why your messy house doesn’t just consist of a toy or two on the floor, but instead is piles of
laundry, dishes in the sink, marker on the walls, and food bits that your kids decided to track around the
house the night before. You wonder why those women seem to be handling their supposed “chaotic
lives” with such poise, yet you sometimes can’t even seem to get yourself out of your pajamas, let alone
put yourself (or your house) together enough to be able to take a pretty picture.

Boost Confidence

But there’s something you DON’T see behind all of these posts on social media.

As much as you might like to think these are their “real lives” these women are still only showing you a
fraction of what their lives ACTUALLY look like. The one with the perfect “morning hair” probably spent
quite a bit of time tousling it beforehand, because a second ago it looked like a cow licked her upside
the head and she was too embarrassed to take a picture like that. The one with the flawless “makeup
free” selfie probably spent a lot of time figuring out her angles and discovering her quintessential
lighting so as to smooth out every line and pore.

The mom who claimed that her house was a mess, yet all you could see was a stray toy on the living room floor while the rest of the area looked like it came straight out of a magazine, probably didn’t want you to see that every other room in her house is a little
bit of a disaster in its own right.

I’ll admit, I’ve totally done that. I’ve been afraid to be truly open about not only the chaos that is my life
right now (running multiple businesses, taking care of 3 children and several animals, and doing some
DIY remodeling on our home, “chaos” is an understatement) but, to allow myself to really be vulnerable
with others. It’s been hard for me to not just show my life through rose colored glasses out of fear of
negative feedback or judgment.

Boost Confidence

Well, no more.

We need more authenticity. We need more people who aren’t afraid to share the good, the bad, and
the ugly. We need more people who can be more unapologetically themselves, and who encourage
others to do the same. We need to care less about what others think and more about what WE think
and feel about ourselves. We’ve got to stop comparing ourselves to the people on social media who
choose to only put their best feet forward.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and how true that is! Let’s stop allowing our joy to be taken away by comparing ourselves to other people, and instead start celebrating ourselves for
the individuals that we are!

I’m going to try harder to do just that.


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