My last (and first ever) post was written 3 months ago to the day! (Well, from the day that I started this post…Too bad I didn’t actually publish it then!!) When reading it back to myself today, after not having seen it since I first posted it, I didn’t know whether I should kick myself, or give myself a big ol’ pat on the back.

You see, these past couple of months have brought me so much healing and personal growth, that I really have no reason to be mad at myself for lacking consistency when it comes to this website, or, any of the other things that I had set out to do to be able to help other people!

Even though it’s something I’ve known for ages (because, ya know,
I’m 5,000 years old), I’ve been reminded more recently how it’s through OUR personal trials and struggles that we’re able to gain the experience and perspective necessary TO be able to help others.

Did you happen to read my last post? (Here!)…If not, go ahead and do that now…I’ll wait…

Did ya do it?…
Good…I hope you liked it.

Anyway…IF you actually read it you’d know that I wrote about authenticity and how we need more people, especially in this age of social media, to be more authentically themselves! We need more people willing to be real and raw, and to allow others to SEE that side of them.

Wanna know something incredibly stupid? I didn’t heed my own advice.

Was I fake? Was I posting completely unrealistically “perfect” photos of myself or my life?

No, not at all…

No…Instead, I let years of past emotional wounding, years of being told what a dork I was, how naive I was (because apparently when you’re just naturally upbeat and optimistic, it “must” mean you’re silly and simple-minded. *Insert eye roll here*) how random, scatter-brained, and incredibly “flawed” I was (“Your eyebrows are WAY too bushy…fix them…Your skin is so gross, whatever you’ve been trying isn’t working, do something else for that acne…You’ve got love-handles, you need to work out”…etc…All by the age of 13, might I add) scare me away from posting anything about my life for a while. I was SO afraid of putting myself out there for the world, that I completely took myself out of it; Both on social media AND in the “real world”.

In fact, my husband and I own a gym together, and I let my emotional traumas tell me that nobody wanted me around and that I didn’t belong there or have a RIGHT to be there…IN THE GYM WHERE I AM LEGALLY 50% OWNER!…It got to a point where when I’d go there, I’d essentially just sneak in quietly with my head down, trying not to look anyone in the eye or draw any attention to myself. I just seriously felt like I shouldn’t be there and that I had nothing worthwhile to contribute.

What the hell?!

Pardon my language…But, seriously…What. The. Hell?

You know what though? I’ve snapped out of it. I’ve realized that these lies we tell ourselves about ourselves, truly DO come straight from hell and Satan himself! He wants us to believe this garbage so that we become so freaking miserable that we don’t know how to function, let alone even TRY to live life in our highest, truest, happiest forms!

Good, freakin’, gravy.

Don’t believe the lies. It’s time for us, ALL of us, to realize, to truly understand, that these things that make us SO unhappy with ourselves and who we are as human beings, are just LIES! The purpose of these lies are dark forces (Luke, I am your father) wanting to keep us out of and away from the light.

Do you know what that light is? It’s our greatest and highest potential! It’s that person we know we can be, should be, and LONG to be!

And do you know what’s really awesome? We can ALWAYS become that person. No matter how far gone we think we are or how dark our lives feel. We ALL have the power within us, with the help of our Higher Creator (mine is God!) to reach our greatest potential. To be who we know, deep down in our souls, we are DESTINED to become.

Guess what, chicken butt?

I made something for you!!! A special little e-book! (Hurry! Get it while it’s FREE!!)

This e-book is a quick start guide to living a happier, healthier life, no matter WHAT point you’re starting from.

I’m confident that you’ll begin to notice a positive change in your life if you make the effort to follow this guide daily. You’ll be able to start facing your fears and fighting your demons, in whatever form those may be for you…In regards to all that we’ve been talking about TODAY, pay special attention to page 5 of this e-book ;).

I want to leave you today with these words that I hope you’ll change from “You’s” to “I’s” and write down, to turn into affirmations you can SEE and SAY every day. In fact, I would absolutely LOVE it if you would add some affirmations of your own and share them with me here in an Instagram comment!

You are worthy.
You are deserving of love, happiness, and peace.
You are never too much and always enough.
You are beautiful, inside and out.
You are kind.
You are valuable and have so many important things to offer this world.
You are deserving of all the good things your heart desires.
You are intelligent and intuitive. All the decisions you make in life have a purpose for your growth and development.
You do not need to change who you are to be loved and accepted by others.